Bed Buying Guide: Different Types of Bed Frames Explained

When you hear the term “bed frame,” what do you think of? Do you think of an elegant wrought iron bed frame or maybe one of those basic metal bed frames that simply lifts beds off the floor? You probably think of the bed frame you currently have. However, whatever type of bed frame you use, it’s important to uncover the potential in your space and make sure it reflects your individuality. To help you do that, we’ll go through some different types of bed frame styles as well as some of the pros and cons for each type so you can make your space yours.  



First up is the platform bed frame. If you’re looking for a traditional bed frame, this is it. Standing on four legs, this bed frame is sleek and low to the ground. It’s great if you want a minimalist look that is still classy.   


  • Style Options: Platform beds come in many colors, designs, and materials. They can come with a headboard or without a headboard. If you have a hard time finding a bed frame that matches your style, there is likely a platform bed that will work. 
  • Just Need a Mattress: Most platform beds have a flat base, so all you need is a mattress. No box spring is required for this bed.  
  • Space Conscious: The sleek design of platform bed frames ensures they work well in small spaces like apartments, guest bedrooms, or kids’ rooms.  


  • Firm: Side sleepers beware. The flat base of platform frames tends to make mattresses feel firmer, which can be hard for side sleepers.  
  • Low Height: The low height can make it difficult to climb in and out of bed, especially if you have knee pain. If you love the look of the platform bed but have joint problems, you may want to add a box spring to get extra height.   

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If you’re looking for a soft, comfortable bed frame, this is it. Upholstered bed frames are covered in a layer of padding that is then covered in fabric, so you have a nice, cozy layer to lean against if you like watching tv or reading a book in bed.   


  • Comfortable: Have we mentioned upholstered beds are comfy? Seriously though, these beds add a softness to any room while still looking refined.  
  • Variety: With different fabrics, colors, and tufting options out there, it’s easy to find an upholstered bed frame that fits your style. 


  • Maintenance: Upholstered bed frames get dusty quickly, so they need to be lightly vacuumed regularly.  
  • Wear and Tear: Fabric is less durable than wood or metal, so dents and grease spots can gradually develop.   

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Finding enough storage space can be difficult, but storage bed frames make it so much easier. Storage bed frames have drawers underneath them so you can store all the stuff you don’t have room for. These bed frames are great if you live in a place without enough storage, and they’re great for kids’ rooms. Just make sure there is enough space to pull out the drawers, otherwise, that extra storage is pointless.   


  • Storage: Storage, storage, and more storage. Utilize the space underneath your bed to keep your things safe and secure. 
  • Sturdy: Because of the drawers underneath the bed, storage bed frames are incredibly sturdy and durable.  


  • Hard to Move: With all that extra storage under the bed, these bed frames are extremely hard to move. Make sure you have people to help you if you ever need to move a storage bed. 
  • Expensive: If you think about it, storage bed frames are like a bed frame and dresser in one. Because of that, they’re often more expensive than regular bed frames.   

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Mid-Century Modern style is back and making a huge impact in the design world. This style is characterized by sleek, simple forms that are classy and modern, and Mid-Century Modern bed frames match completely match that description. They have tapered legs and are one of the different types of wood bed frames you can find out there. The headboard can also be simply upholstered.   


  • Sleek: The sleek design of Mid-Century Modern bed frames ensures they add modern elegance to many room styles. Their clean lines also mean they make a room seem less cluttered, which is ideal for small spaces.  
  • Low Maintenance: Because of the simple design, there isn’t much you have to do to maintain the bed frame.  


  • Style Specific: Mid-Century Modern is a distinctive style, but these bed frames can still work with many styles.   
  • Price: These bed frames can cost a lot, especially if you want one that’s made of real wood. However, as Mid-Century bed frames become more popular, cheaper options are becoming available.   

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As a factory-inspired bed, industrial bed frames often combine metal with wood to create a rustic yet modern feel. If you’re looking to add a statement piece to your bedroom, an industrial bed frame may be a great way to go.   


  • Clean Lines: The clean lines create a modern yet rustic look that elevates any space.   
  • Durable: Industrial bed frames are made with sturdy materials, usually wood and metal, so they last a long time.   


  • Heavy: Because industrial beds are made of sturdy materials, they are heavy, which makes them difficult to move. If you do need to move the bed, make sure you have someone help you.  
  • Style Specific: With the metal and wood combination, industrial bed frames are style specific, so you have to be ready to commit to the style when you get one.   

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No, we’re not talking about traditional bed frames that lift a box spring off the floor. The metal bed frames we’re talking about have lovely metal detailing that makes them look elegant or sleek. These beds are durable, low maintenance, and easy to transport. There are also several different types of metal bed frames, so you get variety. They can also be one of the types of antique bed frames depending on the style.   


  • Durable: Because these frames are metal, they will last a long time and are quite sturdy.  
  • Low-Maintenance: You have to do very little to maintain metal bed frames. They just need to be dusted every once in a while.  


  • More Expensive: Depending on the material used, metal bed frames can be expensive. However, that’s because they are high-quality bed frames.  
  • Limited Styles: Metal bed frames have a very distinctive look, so it can be difficult to change the look of your bedroom if you like to change things often.  



A futon doubles as a bed and a sofa. The sofa’s back folds down to create a large sleeping surface that’s perfect for guests if you don’t want to buy a guest bed.   


  • Small Spaces: Futons are great for small bedrooms and studio apartments because they take up very little space.  
  • Versatility: Unlike most bed frames on this list, futons can be used as a sofa or as a bed. That versatility allows you to use futons in a variety of spaces.  


  • Firm: Because futons are sofas and beds in one, they tend to be firm, so try a futon as a couch and as a bed to see if you like it.   

Shop the Look: Gilman Folding Futon with Square Arms


Now that you know about different types of bed frames, it’s time to turn your bedroom into your personalized haven. Check out our beds to find a bed frame that matches you.  

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